App Workbench Prerequisites

In order to use the App Workbench, you must meet the following prerequisites:

Configuration Requirements

The system on which you will be using App Workbench must have the following installed:

  • Python: Version 2.7.x.
  • Host OS: CentOS or RHEL 7.x.
  • A supported version of Docker (1.12.6, or 1.13.1) must be installed, and the service must be running prior to invoking App Workbench. The default root size of the containers should be configured to be 20GB using the setting --storage-opt=dm.basesize=20G as an argument for other_args in /etc/sysconfig/docker. If you are running App Workbench on an EPIC host, then you need not make this change. This change is also not needed if you are using OverlayFS as the storage driver for Docker.

The links above open external websites in a new browser tab/window.

Internet Access and IPtables Requirements

The system you are using to interact with the App Workbench must be able to access external repositories via the Internet. You may pull packages and rpms from internal repositories if access to external repositories is not allowed in your environment.

The system you are using must also run the iptables service during the build process. The App Workbench builds intermediate Docker containers to download and configure software. The following commands will verify that the iptables service is running properly:

  • iptables -L - Verifies that the Docker NAT, pre-routing, and post-routing rules are in place.
  • Edit the /etc/sysconfig/docker configuration file to ensure that the other_args key has iptables=true or not explicitly defined. The other_args key should not contain the iptables=false setting.

Application Requirements

The application you are building must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Run on CentOS or RHEL 6.x/7.x.
  • Include either a web interface or API support for client interaction.
  • Support unattended/scripted installation and configuration operations.

User Requirements

A user must have all of the following criteria:

  • Root access to the host to install and configure Docker.
  • App Workbench itself need not be installed as a root user. When running App Workbench as a non-root user to build apps, the non-root user must be part of the Docker group and be able to access /var/run/docker.sock. This may be verified by verifying that the docker info command succeeds.
  • Basic understanding of the Linux operating system.
  • Basic understanding of Python scripting.
  • An understanding of how the specific Big Data application is deployed and configured in a bare-metal environment (if you are building a new image or modifying an existing image).
  • An understanding of which init.d scripts are required for starting and configuring the Big Data application-specific services (if you are building a new image or modifying an existing image).
  • Knowledge of application-specific Master/Worker configurations (if you are building a new image or modifying an existing image).
  • Knowledge of any application-specific runtime settings for resources, including, but not limited to vCPU cores, memory, and storage (if you are building a new image or modifying an existing image).