About Custom Base Images

BlueData provides publicly-available base OS images for use in containerized clusters. These images extend the base OS images available from Docker hub by adding several packages that permit EPIC to manage container orchestration seamlessly and to improve the security of the container. The list of base images provided by BlueData includes:

  • FROM bluedata/centos6:latest
  • FROM bluedata/centos7:latest
  • FROM bluedata/rhel6:latest
  • FROM bluedata/rhel7:latest
  • FROM bluedata/ubuntu16:latest (Ubuntu 16.0.4)

If needed, you may build base images for use in EPIC starting from your own internal CentOS, RHEL, and/or Ubuntu image(s). You may also rebuild the containerized applications provided by BlueData to meet your specific needs. Custom images can also be used to build new applications using the App Workbench. The articles in this section describe how you can build your own base image that can be used for further image development.

Note: You must have App Workbench 3.1.3 or later installed in order to build custom images.

Please click the appropriate link for instructions on building a base image for your OS version: