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HPE Ezmeral Container Platform
is software platform designed to deploy cloud-native and non-cloud-native applications using 100% open-source Kubernetes—running on bare-metal or virtualized infrastructure, on-premises, on any cloud, and at the edge. Get started with
HPE Ezmeral Container Platform
HPE GreenLake cloud services
HPE Ezmeral Container Platform solutions available as HPE GreenLake cloud services, including HPE GreenLake for ML Ops.
HPE Ezmeral ML Ops
Spark on Kubernetes
A unified analytics platform with in-memory computing and optimized query execution for fast, large-scale data processing, offering API libraries for Java, Scala, Python, and R.
App Workbench
An SDK to help you rebuild or redesign application architecture for deployment on HPE Ezmeral Container Platform.
HPE Ezmeral Container Platform Release Information